Wednesday, July 29, 2009

your skin

I remember the feel of your soft baby skin, I miss it so much. You used to grip my finger so tight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I remember reading to you, I loved reading to you so much. I was always drawn to The New Testament, I wanted you to know everything about Jesus. I learned more about my faith reading the bible to you than I had in my entire life of studying God's word, alone. We discovered so many amazing things side by side. I knew you were to young to verbally understand but I'm positive you could feel God's presence around you. I remember your nurse, Audrey, I miss talking with her, she would light up when spoke of her faith. We would each get on one side of your bed and share our experiences of how God had effected our lives. There was so much laughter and warmth around you, God blessed you with surroundings full of peace. No one cried because of what might happen, no one spoke sad words or showed pity because of what they saw. We were excited because you were alive, and no matter how the tables turned you were going to be healed, because God's Grace is sufficient.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

your hair

I remember the time you were really wiggly, I never actually seen you move but you would repeatedly shift to the left. It was quite an anomaly among the nurses, you made us laugh and it was like you were smiling with us. It was the only time I got to put my face to yours. The bed was more of a table like crib and it wasn't possible to reach you but you wiggled over to the left so I leaned in close. Your skin was so soft, I ran my nose along your cheek and ear and gave you soft baby kisses. I kissed your hair, it was so delicate and soft, little baby wisps of hair. I still remember what they felt like on my lips.