Saturday, April 3, 2010

In Celebration '10

Jack was a gift from God, a borrowed angel, he in his short amount of time here, showed me Christ on the cross dying for my sins only so we could have LIFE!! Our eternal life is such a precious gift. I can't wait to see what he sees but until then I'm going to share with everyone what God has shown me through this little boy! He allowed me to have Jack for a borrowed amount of time, to show me purpose in my life by spreading God's word far and wide until that one day we will all praise Him together in His shining Glory. He showed me that it was He who stepped down from His throne and was born into human flesh to show us then and thousands of years later, that He would give up everything for us. That He would not abandon us. That He would save us from our sins so we could be reunited with Him. He showed me through the lose of a child how important it is that we have Salvation, that had Christ not made the ultimate sacrifice, my son’s soul… I can’t begin to comprehend “the what ifs.” He taught me that worrying does nothing and that having faith and trusting Him is key to survival